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“We’re Here Alone Together” (W.H.A.T.) with Tim Wheaton of Daddy Unscripted Podcast

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my best friends via Facetime while having a bourbon and a good chat. We tried to keep inside jokes to a minimum, and we did a pretty good job - I don't think we mentioned John Stamos even once. We talk about everything from holidays with teens, bribing our kids, chores, allowances, expectations within family relationships, homeschooling, photography, and more.

Tim and I met via the early days of Flickr when selective color was all the rage. In this episode, we talk a little about that time, the many friendships we formed from all over the world, and how the landscape has drastically changed for creatives on social media. We also jaw a bit about the stark contrast between ourselves and our respective generations to that of our children, in relation to social media, technology and the pandemic.

We also reminisce about the fun/few times we've actually been able to see each other in person, considering we live on opposite coasts. Every time we do however, we try to commemorate it with a solid flying high-five shot in our matching John Stamos shirts.

Masters of the flying high five, self portrait in Colorado while teaming up together to photograph a wedding. Note the “John Stamos” shirts that I made for both of us. That’s a whole other story we didn’t get into in the episode.

I hope you enjoy our banter. You can listen to the episode HERE or at any of the links below. Also, check out his blog post HERE with some SUPER old throwback photos from the deep archives. 😬 Daddy Unscripted can be found on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher Radio | Tune-In Radio Follow along on:

Facebook: Daddy Unscripted

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